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Review of The V2 Ultimate Electric Cigarette Starter Kit

Posted June 21, 2012 by admin in Starter Kits
V2 Cigs Ultimate Electric Cigarette Starter Kit








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Price:: $189.95
Flavor Choices:: They have ten different flavors to choose from: V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Cherry, Cola, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla.
Performance:: Outstanding performance, The batteries work very well, easy, smooth draw on the automatics. All of the chargers recharge the batteries fairly quickly, even the charging case.
Shipping Time:: Quick shipping, I got the kit in three days via UPS.


Comes with everything you need plus extras. With all the stuff this kit comes with it makes for a really good value.


The Ecig case is just a tiny bit too short to fit a long battery and a third cartridge. The vapor production is not quite as much as I would like.

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit is Truly Something to Behold.   If you were looking for a starter kit that has EVERYTHING then this would be the one. This starter package comes with all of the most popular accessories and more.  I was very impressed when I got this kit in the mail. The [...]

by admin
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The V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit is Truly Something to Behold.


V2 Cigs Ultimate Electric Cigarette Starter KitIf you were looking for a starter kit that has EVERYTHING then this would be the one. This starter package comes with all of the most popular accessories and more.  I was very impressed when I got this kit in the mail. The biggest kit I have seen so far.

The quality of the products are amazing. The batteries have a nice, easy, smooth draw but they are not so sensitive that they go off with every little bump. I also like how the batteries are sealed at the top to prevent accidental leak damage. I had ruined a couple of E9 batteries by overfilling the cartomizers before.

A Full Spectrum Package

This Ultimate Kit pretty much has one of everything with customizable options. You can

choose battery length, type and color on all three batteries, which is cool. Some companies make you take a specific kind of battery like you have to get at least one short or something. You can choose the color of each one of the metal cases and even choose the color of the lanyard.

The Ultimate Kit Contents

This is everything that comes in the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit:

  • 3 Batteries, any size, color or type (auto or manual)
  • 25 V2 cartomizers (5 packs, choose between 10 flavors and 4 strengths)
  • A wall adapter to charge batteries at home
  • A smart USB charger
  • A car charger
  • A portable charging case XL (fits the longest battery)
  • A regular met carrying case
  • A USB passthrough Ecig
  • A convenient lanyard

So you get three different ways to charge your batteries. The regular smart charger is just like your ordinary USB charger except it has a 8 inch wire attached so your ecig battery is not sticking straight out of a USB port where it can get knocked into.  I seems better for the car adapter too verses a normal mini USB charger since car charging ports are sometimes in an inconvenient spot, with the normal mini USB charger the battery would be sticking way out, maybe in the way of the shifter or something else.

The PCC XL Charging Case

I just love this portable charging case. It looks really nice with its rounded corners and the embossed V2 logo. The spring powered sliding door is really cool too, almost makes it feel like it opens electronically.  The XL case has enough room to fit even the long battery and 3 cartomizers. I have found that it re-charges the batteries in about 2 hours. My only issues with this is that I think it is a little too heavy to carry around in pocket and the cartridges don’t quite fit with the rubber coverings on them. I like to keep fresh carts covered and empty ones uncovered so I know which ones I need to re-fill.

What I think is a huge bonus to this charging case that is not mentioned on the V2 website is: with the right cable you can use this to charge up your  ipod or cell phone or other USB rechargeable device.

The Metal Carrying Case

This is a sleek looking case as well. Nice space age style design with that neat spring powered sliding door. Nice and light wieght and small enough that it doesn’t feel bulky in your pocket. The only drawbacks is it won’t fit a long battery, and it is just millimeters shy of fitting a third cartridge. Again this one won’t close with the rubber covers on the carts.

The Lanyard

This is a really neat thing. It allows you to keep your ecig close and within reach. The ecig fits very tightly in the end of the lanyard so it won’t fall out. I have a tendency to put the ecigarette in my pocket which sometimes has change and keys in it which ends up scratching the battery, the lanyard prevents the need for that.

V2 Cartridges

I like how the cartomizers come in a blister pack to preserve freshness. I have had the chance to try out all of the flavors and most of them are really good. The coffee flavor is outstanding, tastes just like a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Their tobacco flavors, V2 red, Sahara, and Congress are all perfectly acceptable. The chocolate and vanilla were not quite what I expected, the flavor is lacking in both of these. Cola does taste just like a cola, pretty good.

Vapor production:

I found that every cart that I tried was lacking a little bit in vapor production. They don’t produce as much as they would have you believe on their website. when I refilled the carts with some cheap Chinese E-Liquid, they produce about twice as much vapor.


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    I thought this was the best investment I have ever made for Electric cigarettes. THis kit came with everything.

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